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How to Videotape and Upload your Swing Video

Videotape Your Swing

Using your smartphone camera or video camera, we need both down-the-line and face-on views to do a proper analysis of your swing.

Down-the-line View

Face-on View

Here are a few tips to get you started:
  • It helps to have a tripod or something to rest the camera or smartphone on.
  • Position yourself directly behind the student, this is the down-the-line shot.
  • Height of camera should be hand-high when at your address position
  • Begin recording and hit two shots with whatever club you want.
  • Stop recording and move camcorder to the face-on position
  • Record two more shots with the same club.
  • Stop recording
  • Review your video to make sure you can see your entire body and club swinging within the screen.

Upload Your Video

You will need the V-1 software and you have three ways to upload the video,

Using the free V-1 PC Desktop app, download and install it here.

  • Take your camcorder or smartphone and save your swing video to your home computer in mpg, and avi format.
  • Then you’re ready to upload it to the Keith Jarvis Golf Academy right through your computer using V1 Home software.
  • The software has a simple step by step video tutorial to make this process painless.

Using the V-1 Droid smartphone app (Free) download it here.

  • Install the App
  • Log-in or create a new account
  • Capture/Import video your swing
  • Analyze Video (this needs to be done first in order to get the video into a format V1 Pro understands)
  • Click MENU > Upload/Assign
  • IfKeith Jarvis Golf Academy isn’t in the Choose an Academy list, click (Add a New Academy) and add it. Otherwise, select Stack & Tilt Golf Swing.
  • Select an Instructor.
  • Wait for the Upload to finish.
  • Once the video is analyzed by your instructor, it will be moved to the Locker/Analyzed list where you are able to view it.

Using the iPhone or iPad app ($4.99) download it here.

  • Install the app
  • Log-in or create a new account
  • Select Stack & Tilt Swing and then your instructor; if not listed, click the + button to select the academy from a list, then the instructor
  • Click on “Stack & Tilt Swing” with your pro listed
  • Click Camera button to film a video, trim as necessary
  • From the analysis window, take the following steps:
    • click the V1 Logo
    • click “Send Video” then
    • click “Upload to Locker”
  • Once upload completes, it is automatically assigned to the instructor selected in step 2.
  • Video will be listed on the Locker/Uploaded tab in the app
  • Once the video is analyzed by your instructor, it will be moved to the Locker/Analyzed list where you are able to view it.

That should be it! Sit back and give us 5 days to fully analyze your swing.

If you have any questions at all, please email them to info@golfology.com and we will be happy to help you out.

Thanks again!

Online Lessons

The Keith Jarvis Golf Academy offers online golf instruction to golfers worldwide. You can now experience state-of-the-art online golf swing analysis, for a fraction of the cost of an in-person lesson. Your video golf swing analysis will be stored in your online “locker,” available for viewing anytime, for all time. View expert analysis of your golf swing from Keith Jarvis or one of our AuthorizedKeith Jarvis Golf Academy instructors and start improving your game today.

Whether its one lesson to get your game rolling or a series of follow-up lessons, you can choose to work on your game, at your pace, right from home.

Simply follow the steps below to film your swing and submit it to us via the V1-Online Golf Swing Analysis Academy. Then Keith or one of our instructors will personally analyze your golf swing and provide expert analysis using the Keith Jarvis Golf Academy system!

Take advantage of improving your golf using the Keith Jarvis Golf Online Academy by completing the following steps:

1. Purchase your swing analysis from the Paypal options below.

2. Upon payment, videotape your swing and upload it to us using one of the following methods:

3. Your swing will then be fully analyzed and returned to you in your own Stack & Tilt V-1 “Locker” for multiple viewings at your leisure and the ability to follow-up with future lessons.


Keith Jarvis 1 on 1 private at Golfolgy - $200

V1 Analysis - $100

For more information about online lessons, please send us an email.

I really enjoy Keith's golf instruction style. He makes each lesson fun, yet filled with lots of stroke saving drills, tips and ideas that have an immediate impact on your golf scores, without making you revamp your entire swing.  After years of trying to teach myself from videos, books and magazine articles, I've concluded that the only way you're going to break 90, 80, or 70 is through professional golf instruction. Keith Jarvis should be the golf professional at the top of your list to call right now!

Brian. V.

I met Keith at a golf range nearly three years ago and he spent time with me providing some golf tips. In watching him work well with others of all ages, I expressed the desire to improve my game so began taking private lessons. Even though I took his instructions seriously and regularly play golf, he is responsible for taking my score from the 120's down to the 80's, something I could never have done without his instruction and knowledge of the sport. While golf is always challenging with score variation, I can say that today the game is fun and not frustrating to me as in the past. Thank you, Keith, for your patience in working with me. You're a great pro-golf instructor!

Bob. L.

Keith is an amazing golf instructor. He takes the time to review your set up, grip and swing and does not try to change everything but only what needs changing. He is good creating visual connection to the golf swing and making sure you get it to ingrain good habits moving forward. Keith is a gem in the Tri-State golf instruction arena and can significantly help your golf game if you are ready for it. Cannot say enough about his great style of instruction. As technical as you want or it to be with Keith or more around feeling it - the way I learn best. Keith has it all!

Norman. J.

I was struggling terribly with golf and very discouraged about my ability to get out on the course without embarrassing myself until I started working with Keith. He is a very relaxed, patient teacher who has seen all the mistakes and has a fix for each one. He can get uber technical if that’s your style or keep it simple. I like the variety and my game has been transformed thanks to his instruction. I’ve gone from fearing the course to daydreaming about playing. If you want to get better, listen to Keith. It sure has worked for me.

Patrick. R.

I have had the privilege of taking lessons from Keith for over 20 years. I currently hold a +2 USGA handicap. and won player of the year in the amateur division in the Georgia PGA two years in a row, I have won Club Championship at my home club Jennings Mill in Athens, Ga. I am a 5-time winner of the Georgia Amateur Classic, a 1999 Oglethorpe Invitational Champion, and runner up in the Baltusral Invitational in New Jersey. I find Keith to be a true professional when it comes to teaching the mechanics of the golf swing. Keith can show you how to hit it farther, roll it more consistently, get it up and down for that easy par when you miss the green or any other aspect that needs attention. I would highly recommend Keith for your every need when it comes to the Golf Swing or your Game.

Lee. D.


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